Would you like to work as a housekeeper with service cheques?

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Flexible working time


Service Voucher Academy


Access to the MyPath program


Fixed contract after 3 months


Gifts for your happy moments


Discounts via MyBenefitsAtWork

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We call you and invite you for an interview in one of our agencies. You receive a temporary fixed-term contract after 3 months, then we offer you a permanent contract.



"A few years ago I switched to Manpower and I was able to keep my salary, which is always on time on my account, also here they are very correct. During my leave, my customers are called and replacements are provided if they wish. If I had to describe Manpower in one word:fantastic!" Nancy
The consultants of Manpower service checks are professional, pleasant ladies who always do their utmost to ensure that everything runs smoothly.For example, the wages are always punctual/correct, the timetable is adjusted to my needs and they even look for a solution when I do not have childcare for my son. Not only with regard to us as an employee, but also with regard to the customers, everything will go well, questions will be answered and problems solved. I love my job very much! The social contact with my customers and the respect I get for my work always recharges me. I always close the door with a happy, satisfied feeling. I enjoy working with the Manpower team because just like me, they do their job with love and pleasure. You just feel that! Sarah

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